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BitcoinSpin is the world's best Bitcoin betting site.

  • YOU choose the stake, winnings and odds!!
  • Place custom bets in an intuitive, fun and simple way.
  • Lowest house margin at only 1.9%
  • Play just for fun using your demo balance. Spin the wheel now!

How to play

  1. Bookmark or Favorite the current page URL This address contains your personal BitcoinSpin Secret Code. This secret address will allow you to close the game and return anytime while maintaining your deposit balance. This same secret address will allow you to play across multiple devices.. simultaneously, using the same dynamically updated deposit balance and game stats.
  2. Add Bitcoins to your account by clicking “Add Funds / Cash out” Then check that demo mode is switched off and send Bitcoins to your personal deposit address.
  3. Your sent funds should show up as pending immediately and will be ready for betting after 2 confirmations.
  4. Before the wheel can spin, all three of the entry boxes (stake, chance and winnings) need to be completed. It’s up to you which box you want fill in first and second but the third box will complete automatically.
  5. If all 3 boxes are all within their min/max limits the spin button will start rotating to indicate that the bet is ready.
  6. Click Spin! and if the wheel comes to rest with the pointer on green you win.
  7. Other optional play features are the use of sliders to fill out the boxes and an autospin function which will keep repeating your last bet. Both of these features can be toggled on/off using the symbols at the bottom right of the page.
  8. Your recent spins and all the spins by other players are located just below the playing screen.
  9. You can withdraw your balance to any Bitcoin address by clicking “Add Funds/Cash out”.
  10. Alternatively, you can leave your balance in the game and return whenever you like. Just ensure you've stored the secret URL, or your balance will be lost forever.


What is the house edge?


Why should I trust you?

BitcoinSpin is a provably fair betting game where all results are totally random and cryptographically verifiable. This means it is built in a way where neither you or us can cheat the system to predict the bet outcomes. We achieve this by presenting you a hashed version of the next outcome, and a seed used to generate the hash. At the moment of a bet, the client also generates a random number, that is added to the previously recorded result. This way you can check we're not affecting the results and ensure a fair game.

What are the bet limits?

You can bet a Minimum of 0.01 and a maximum of 5 Bitcoins. Maximum you can win is 5 Bitcoins. Minimum chance of winning you can have is 0.1%

I didn’t bookmark/favorite my unique URL and now I’ve lost it, Can you find it for me?


The wheel stopped on green/red/didn’t spin properly/browser crashed/etc, so should I have won or lost?

The wheel is indicative only (visual entertainment) whether you have won or lost is really determined by our bet server before the wheel starts to spin.

BitcoinSpin isn’t rendering properly in my browser.

In order to use this site your browser must support HTML5 Canvas and have Javascript enabled. (we recommend Google Chrome)

What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual internet currency that has the potential to change the world. Learn more at

Where can I buy bitcoins?

Check this excellent article for newbies on the Bitcoin Wiki.

Who are you?

We are blockchain parasites, currently residing in an abandoned central London office. The spinning wheel is powered by sushi and cheap vanishing coffee.


We are based in Central London. Follow or DM us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook.